Current Study: Effective and Pleasant Interaction Dialog Design for Assisting People with Visual Impairment (Work submitted to ACM ASSETS Conference 2019 )

Study 1: Conversations for Vision for People with Visual Impairment


  • Investigating conversation and interaction occurring via conversational/social prosthetic called Aira ( between a remote sighted assistant and a person with visual impairment
  • Developing requirements for conversational interaction interface for people with visual impairment


  • Interview Study – 15 remote sighted agents who are employees at Aira company and 8 Aira users with visual impairments


  • Conversational interaction based assistance is effective and efficient for assisting people with visual impairment
  • Conversation style is context dependent and non-verbal communication method is one of the elements of conversation interaction

Study 2: Conversation Interaction with Wearable Haptic Wristband Support for Assisting People with Visual Impairment

(Work In Progress)


  • Investigating effectiveness of human in the loop conversation interaction combined with a haptic signaling via a wearable haptic wristband


  • Designing and developing wearable haptic wristband prototype
  • Designing and planning experimental study to evaluate the dialog interactive system in a real world environment

Wearable Haptic Wristband Prototype